Your Technological Competency

Welcome to the Digital Competency Profiler, a free tool that provides you with a snapshot of how you use digital technology in your life and how skilled you feel about using it. Based on a model developed by Dr. F. Desjardins, your responses to a series of questions about how you use various technologies will generate a personal visual profile of your relative competency and use of technology in four basic orders: Technical, Social, Informational and Computational.

This profile can then be used by you and/or your organization in planning for further development of the digital competencies that are foundational elements in successful careers in academia, commerce, service, or entrepreneurship.


The following questionnaire will ask you to rate your use and comfort with different types of technology for a variety of specific purposes. Your personal Digital Competency Profile will instantly be generated at the end of the questionnaire. As you view the profile, you will be given an opportunity to save the profile to your desktop or to the reserved space if you register on our profile storage service.

The profile will help you identify strengths as well as gaps in your competencies (as determined by frequency of, and confidence in) and use of technology across the four orders of competency. This will enable you to identify areas that you may want to address through further education and/or experience. All data collected will be anonymous. For further information about the DCP and/or your profile, please see theGTCU Digital Competency Framework

Discover your strengths today

With the help of your personal Digital Competency Profile, you can start learning and developing those digital competencies that can provide diverse career opportunities in the new digital economy.

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